Sonny Dego (Host)

Sonny was born in 1979 in San Jose, CA during the Raiders Hey-Day. Despite his Sasquatch level back-hair, he has since relocated to Oregon but his fandom has remained intact. When not attempting to eat all the pizza in the land, he raises his two boys to know who both Kenny Stabler and Derek Carr are. Sonny is still awaiting a toy version of Castle Grayskull which was promised to him by Murf when Sonny was only five years old. 


Murf Dego (Host)

Murf was born in 1845 in San Jose, CA. He has since relocated to Tennessee after getting kicked out of California and Florida. His fandom has remained as he can often be seen wearing eye black while watching Raiders' games at home. Despite his hairline peaking in the 6th grade, he raises his two boys to root for the Raiders at all costs. Murf is still pissed at Sonny who left Murf in a burning building once while playing The Division. 


Uncle "Mosh" (Other things)

Uncle "Mosh" is an enigma.