Episode #65 - Conversation with Phil Villapiano

This week we were blessed with the honor of conversing with Phil Villapiano. This was no ordinary conversation for us. This was a chance to talk to our Raider mentor's hero, the legendary, Foo. 


Phil discussed what it was like to play for the Raiders in the 70's and examined if that style could ever be utilized again. The game has changed and along with it, tactics have had to change. Phil discussed at length what worked for the Raiders in the 70's and whether it could work for the Raiders or any other team in the current state of football. 

Phil took time to explain why he was traded to Buffalo and the conversation that he had with Al Davis regarding the trade. Ever the gentleman, Phil explained how he was gracious for his time in Oakland and how he's remained close with the Davis family  to this day. He shares his thoughts on the Vegas deal and what Al would have likely thought regarding the Vegas deal. 

Phil's daughter Andrea is building up a campaign to get Phil recognized for the Hall of Fame. While one could debate about Phil's stats, one can't debate the impact he had on his team's overall chemistry and Phil's personal impact in big games. No game captured this better than the Superbowl versus the Vikings. On a crucial goal line stand, Phil recounts how he read and then made a game changing play that swung the momentum back to the Raiders leading to their first ever Superbowl trophy.  

Phil spoke humbly of his numerous charity endeavors. Just recently he and former Miami Dolphins linebacker, Nick Buoniconti, have been working with youth to lessen the impact of CTE related issues. To read more about this, click here

We are very grateful for the opportunity to have spoken with Phil. We are also grateful to be able to share that conversation with you all. It was a special moment for us and we know our OG Raider mentors are looking down with honor. Thanks Phil. 

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