#62 - Sea of Fans Mailbag & The 2017 Raider Fanny Awards

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Join us in our special episode where we honor our favorite Raiders players with their own "Fanny" award! It's an award given out to the players, by the fans. We also listen to a select few voicemail's from the Sea of Fans Mailbag. 

This will be our last show dedicated to the 2017 season. On the eve of the Gruden Press Conference we set out to honor our favorite players in the Silver & Black with their very own "Fanny" award. This is our way of saying thank you to the players who made plays, and didn't, during the forgettable 2017 season. In a very tongue & cheek approach we honor the best from 2017. 

As the season comes down to a close and with the Gruden hire, it sheds light on the 2017 season. The failure of the 2017 season was needed to bring in Gruden. We needed Todd Downing to fail a bad as he did to make Mark desperate enough to shell out the money. We needed Del Rio to throw everyone else under the bus so at the end of the year there was no left but for him to be fired. We needed Carr to regress just enough that Mark didn't want to see his $125 million dollar man go up in flames along with his franchise on the eve of Vegas. 2017 needed to happen the way it did to make Gruden a reality. So with that we say, thank you 2017, you brought us Gruden.