Episode #61 - Season Recap, Sea of Fans Mailbag, Big Stoopid of the week, Blackhole

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We give a season recap of the 2017 version of the Oakland Raiders. It was the equivalent of Old Yeller needing to be taken out back and put down. Always sad to see the season end, but kinda glad this one was over. We agree with JDR needing to be fired but the way in which it was done was a bit off-putting. That said, we both have a tremendous respect for the way Del-Rio handled the situation. 

Sea of Fans Mailbag we listened & responded to voicemail's from around the country. This week we listened to 9 voicemail's. Thanks to the following callers this week: Red, Diego, Jim, Chuck, Greg, Red, Ron, Wyoming Raider, Big Raider Trucker. 

Big Stoopid of the week belongs to Michael Crabtree. He has taken himself out of the game the last couple of weeks. This last game even announcer Rich Gannon took at run at him for doing so. This has led to a decrease in targets and overall performance for Crabtree over the last few weeks. Crabtree is owed $8 million with no dead money in 2018. We think he doesn't make it back on the team. Maybe there is something to Sherman's comments about Crabtree after all.

Blackhole of the Interwebs looks at Gruden's comments from year's past. Gruden is an excellent motivator and a student of the game. Who knows what will happen in the future. What we do know, is that if he is indeed the next Raiders head coach, it'll be fun to watch. 

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