From Black Sunday to Black Season

Today is Black Friday, which makes me think of Black Sunday. If you’re a Raiders fan, Black Sunday means something to you. It’s a remembrance of a time when the Raiders dominated the competition. In a year of being dominated by the competition, Black Sunday is a nice, but distant memory.

Each week on our podcast we listen to voicemails from Raiders’ fans around the country. It’s a fun way to celebrate our fandom with other fans. However, a theme has been emerging over the last few weeks. It’s obvious that this season hasn’t gone the way we had all hoped, but there is something that hurts worse about this season than other losing seasons in the past.

The Season that never was

This season was full of promise before it ever started. Coming off of a 12-4 record and a couple of “sexy” draft picks. Reggie earning GM of the year and Derek’s big contract. Lynch and multiple other Free Agent signings; Raidernation had hope like never before. This, is what makes it hurt all the worse.

In the past, if I’m honest, I expected the Raiders to lose. Sure, I had illogical fan based hope they would surprise me, but we all could see the dysfunction. We knew each season would end in disappointment with a few bright spots along the way. This season was supposed to end with great joy with many bright spots along the way.

Remember the Hope

Look at this article by Matt Burke from August of 2017. It’s a harsh reminder as to what we thought this season was going to be. Matt writes what we all thought such a short time ago.   

“If this is Tom Brady’s final season in a Patriots uniform (entirely possible even if they win the Super Bowl), wouldn’t it be poetic if the Pats and Raiders met in the playoffs 16 years after the Snow Bowl game that got the Pats dynasty started in the first place?”

Reality Check

After the embarrassing loss to the Patriots this week, the firing of Ken Norton Jr, and the lack of accountability from Raider Coaches and Execs; it’s clear that 16 years after the Tuck Rule game, the Raiders are still not challenging any team, let alone the Patriots, for a Superbowl.

The hope for this season was the highest it’s been for Raidernation in 16 years. Which is why this maladaptive season hurts worse than any other season during that span of time.


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