Raiders NEED to take care of the G-men

Crabtree suspension reduced by one game

Today we learned that Crabtree's suspension was reduced to one game. This helps the Raiders quite a bit as now we'll have Crab-man for the Chiefs game. If Cooper is still out with an injury, Carr will at least have one of his Go-To wide receivers for a crucial divisional game. However, for that game to even matter, Raiders must take care of the Giants. 

Raiders need to punch Geno Smith in the mouth

The Giants recently made the announcement that they are going to bench Eli Manning in favor of Geno Smith. Watching the brief interview of Eli Manning talking about this made me respect Eli all the more. This is a two-time super bowl winning, Tom Brady beating quarterback being benched, for Geno Smith. Yes, that Geno Smith. 

Geno Smith is terrible. He had a lot of promise coming out West Virginia but it's never materialized in the NFL. His career record is 12-18 with 28 TD and 36 INT. Why is he starting? Who knows. Geno Smith is not the future of the Giants so it's really a head scratcher as to why he's even getting the starting nod. That said, Raiders need to come at him early and often. 

The easiest game that remains

The Giants are 2-9 coming into their game against the Raiders. For as much as we've been frustrated with the Raiders this year, the Giants are worse in almost every important statistical category. The Giants score less points per game and allow more points per game than the Raiders. On top of this their best cornerback, Janoris Jenkins is out for the game, and potentially the rest of the year. 

After the Giants game, the Raiders schedule only gets harder; Chiefs, Cowboys, Eagles and Chargers. If the Raiders wish to have any hopes of sniffing the playoffs, beating the Giants is a must. Did the "Fight" spark enough within the Raiders players to carry them the rest of the season? Time will tell. 

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