Draft History by the Numbers...

With everyone under the sun providing their opinions on the Raiders 2017 draft, we decided to go in a different direction. Quite frankly, it's too early to give any real thought to this draft class. To measure the success of Reggie and the Raiders in the draft, we need to look further back.

On our most recent podcast, #26, we took a deep dive into the Raiders drafts from 2012 up through 2016. We broke down each player from each draft by the following categories:

  • Current Depth Chart - Were they listed on the Raiders depth chart as of 5/5/17. 
  • Serviceable - Did the player play for the Raiders at anytime and provide value. 
  • Impact - Was the player an Impact Player since this is something Reggie refers to often.

In total, 41 players have been selected by the Raiders since 2012, the Reggie Era. Of the 41 players, 19 are currently on the depth chart. This equates to 46% of the current roster being built through the draft since 2012. For comparison sake, a recent Fox Sports Article listed the Vikings as the most successful team when it comes to the draft since 2012 (The Raiders were #6). The Vikings currently have 55% of their roster occupied by players obtained through the draft from 2012-2016. 

Of the 41 players drafted since 2012, 28 have played a considerable role on the Raiders. This means they played for more than a game or two and contributed. Some are not on the team no longer but that doesn't mean there wasn't any value obtained from selecting them in the draft. 

Finally, 7 of the 41 players are deemed, as we see fit, to be or have been impact players for the Raiders. This includes: Carr, Mack, Cooper, Jackson, Murray, Joseph and Washington. Obviously, a couple names on this list are debatable. 

Looking back through the drafts it's obvious that 2014 was Reggie's best draft and it's not even close. The 2016 draft looks promising as Joseph and Washington had decent years and some expect Ward to step up. What is the grade of the 2017 draft? We'll see in about two or three years.

If you believe the 2017 draft already has a firm grade attached to it, I've got a board stretcher to sell you.