MEGA-Hope is in the air...

Remember when Snoop Dogg was roaming the sidelines at USC games in the mid-2000's? Did you know that James Harden recently attended a game which featured one of Lavar Ball's sons playing for Chino Hills? Talented sports teams attract high profile visitors at times. This is precisely why Megatron, Calvin Johnson, recently visited The Raiders OTA's. Hope, is in the air. 

It wasn't that long ago that you couldn't pay a player enough money to play for The Raiders. Now, a former NFL legend is showing up just to watch. It wasn't that long ago that The Raiders had one of the worst rosters in all of football. Now, they are looking to be one of the most talented teams, #4 on a recent list, at least on paper anyway 

A big reason Megatron showed up was due to his relationship with now Raiders OC Coach Todd Downing. They worked together in Detroit. However, it's not the only reason. Many coaches have relationships with former players. That doesn't mean the players show up to former coach's practices with new teams. This was something different. This had a different vibe to it. 

The Raiders won't be signing Megatron anytime soon. Megatron won't be un-retiring anytime soon. That doesn't diminish the hope Megatron brought to the practice as he observed The Raiders' players. 

The Raiders' roster is loaded. The hype for The Raiders is everywhere. The hope for The Raiders is at historic levels. Will The Raiders finish what they started last year? Time will tell but for now, it's pretty dang fun being a Raiders fan! 

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