The Constant

If you were a fan of the TV show "Lost" then you should be familiar with the term and episode titled "The Constant." The Constant refers to something in your life that can ground you. Something that can help you realize what's important in life and what's not. What and who matter and what and who do not matter. For fans of the Raiders, we are in need of knowing our Constant during this time. 

For many Raiders fans who reside in the East Bay and the world it could be stated that their Constant, the Raiders, are moving away. Being ripped from them by a funky haired son of a legend and a gentrified cheerleader set on making a name for herself in the political scene. However, I would argue, Raiders fans' Constant is not going anywhere. 

The Raiders, when you boil it all down, mean nothing to any of us. The connections that are made at Raiders' games or because of the Raiders mean something to us. The connections during a tailgate, seeing someone wearing a Raiders shirt walking down the street, fist-bumping someone you don't know after a Raiders touchdown at the Coliseum, your father teaching you at a young age about his favorite Raiders' players; this is what connects us. People need people. People also need a reason to need people. 

Relationships demand a context. The context, except for a brief 13 year period between 1982-1995, since 1960 for many in the East Bay and beyond has been the Raiders. It is a blessed thing to get together and break bread. It is a blessed thing to welcome in a stranger. It is a blessed thing for a father to connect with his son.  None of these things have to change when the Raiders leave. None of these things are dependent on the Raiders or any other sports franchise. However, a new context must emerge. 

I would encourage fans who are feeling any of the myriad of emotions ever since the Las Vegas vote happened to re-examine their Constants. What or Who is it that grounds you?  Is it faith? Is it family? Is it friends? Whatever it is, that doesn't have to end once the Raiders leave. You just need to find a new context to connect with those you love and care about. I mean,  most people would enjoy eating BBQ Chicken and drinking alcohol before 10:00am on Sundays. They just need an invitation... 


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