Sorry, Reggie McKenzie knows more than you.

            Reggie McKenzie drafted Gabe Jackson and Amari Cooper. Reggie drafted Khalil Mack who just won Defensive Player of the Year. Reggie drafted Derek Carr. Who, no pun intended, looks to be the Savior of the Raiders. I could list off several others but we’ll stop with those since those are the most notable. Knowing this, I trust Reggie. 

            When someone is given a voice something strange can begin to happen. The person with the voice can begin to start believing his/her voice is more important or valuable than it truly is, simply by having a platform to use said voice.  The more one speaks the more believable he/she becomes first to him/herself and second, to others. Still with me?

            Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. Snapchat. Social media at large has given millions of people voices inevitably increasing the level of self-importance of millions of people. This is never more evident than on twitter during the NFL Draft.

            Here are the facts. Reggie McKenzie and his “crew” are paid to research, investigate, do due diligence, study, receive medical reports, interview, watch film, watch specialized film only available to them, attend games, meet the families and more of every player they are interested in who declares for the NFL Draft. It’s Reggie’s job to evaluate these players to help his organization, the Raiders, win on the field. If he fails he gets fired. Simple.

            You, me and countless others are fans of the product Reggie is selling us, the Raiders. We are fans. We have opinions. Social Media gives us voices. When you combine passion, opinions and self-inflated voices you get what happens on twitter every year during the NFL Draft; people who literally think they know more than Reggie McKenzie on the players in the draft.

            The cold hard truth is Reggie and his crew has forgotten more information about these players than we could ever hope to even know. It’s not our job to do so, so it’s completely ok. No one expects you or I to know everything about these players. Yes, we can read articles and yes we can watch college game highlights. Outside of that, what more can you really do to understand who Reggie should take in the draft? Have you talked to these players? Have you read their medical files? Have you talked to their families? No. By all means let’s have opinions and discuss it, but anything outside of that is asinine.

            So, as it needs to be said every year, pump the brakes. Trust the process. Trust the man who brought you the Defensive Player of the Year and the QB who IS the future of the NFL. Yes, there have been draft misses. The draft is not a science. It’s a“Best Educated Guess” system that sometimes a GM strikes gold on (Carr) and sometimes whiffs on (Hayden). Looking back at the entire body of work, I’ll ride with Reggie and the Twitter GM’s can have fun measuring whose is bigger by themselves.